I'm making an animation called Sex and Taxes. I'll publish it on my YouTube channel or anyone to see, for free, with no adverts. I'm raising money to fund an uninterrupted period of work on the animation. This project is important enough to me that I'm going to complete it whether or not I secure enough funding, but with financial support I can get deeper into the work, make better decisions, and put the animation online sooner.

This animation is for others who agree. Using the socratic method I encourage the viewer to think critically about whether taxation is a consensual arrangement. Taxation might be theft, but saying as much isn't usually persuasive. Instead the approach in this video is gentle and respectful. After the supporting considerations have been summarised, the conclusion is presented as my opinion, not an unassailable truth. The viewer is given space to make up their own mind.

A couple of disclaimers: In the video sex is suggested, not depicted explicitly. And any art you see at this stage may not resemble the finished animation.

Animatic 3

My name's Tomasz

I've been making animations since 2010. My best known are George Ought to Help, Edgar the Exploiter, and You Can Always Leave. Together, my five most popular animations have close to a million views on YouTube. Now and then my viewers send me private messages letting me know how my animations were pivotal in persuading them that political authority is an unnecessary evil.

If I don't mess it up, I believe Sex and Taxes will resonate with a wider audience still, and be more impactful than the animations that came before it.

The work I've already done

  • The script is complete. Feel free to take a look.
  • The narration has been recorded and edited. I commissioned a lady with a fantastic voice to read it. I can't wait for you to hear it.
  • I'm on version three of the animatic, but I need at least a version four. Maybe more.

The things I still need to do

  • Finalise the animatic.
  • Make the animation.
  • Add sound, possibly music, and mix the audio.
  • Publish it, and let people know it's online.
Narration editing

Projected costs and timing

Runtime in seconds (known): 264
Hours of work per runtime second (estimate): 3.13
Total hours of work: 826.32
Amount needed to cover my living costs for work period: €15,411.22
Audio sfx cost: €500.00
Total production cost: €15,911.22
Patreon support (estimate): €800.00
Outstanding funds needed: €15,111.22

Production begins: September 2019
Animation is published online: September 2020

Concept art

Risks & challenges

It's just me working on this, so if I get seriously ill or die the animation won't get finished. My plan though, is to stay healthy for a few decades longer at least. I eat well, work out, and don't have any incriminating information about powerful politicians.

I'm still not great at predicting working time on these kinds of project. It could end up taking longer to make. If I need to take on commissioned work to support myself, or if I strongly feel I need to change creative direction and re-do sections that have already been completed, the whole thing will take longer.

It's possible that I could lose access to platforms where I've published my work in the past. Particularly YouTube. I don't much trust their governance. In case of my being banned there, I'd publish the completed video on whatever looks like the next best platform. In any case I'd be mirroring it to a decentralised service like d.tube.

Your help

Would you like to be a main sponsor of the animation? Let's talk about it! You can reach me at: tomasz.brain@gmail.com

If you'd like me to let you know when the crowdfunding campaign for Sex and Taxes launches you can join my mailing list here.

For other means of supporting my work, see the Donate page to find an alternative that suits you better.

Thanks for considering my project, and whether or not you choose to support it I hope you'll enjoy the result!

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